The research of MyLifeHub will follow the new IoT vision. It will operate in a smart space full of a large number of constantly connected and intelligent IoT assets, characterised by autonomous data capture and interoperability. Most of the IoT assets are newly developed ICT gadgets coming from a very wide variety of background. Carrying out research under these newly available settings brings new opportunities in addressing new challenges and hence in generating new academic impact.

The fulfilment of the IoT vision relies on the advances of many technology enablers. The large scale of lifelogging data creates significant challenges in scalable data repository, scalable visualization, semantics and security, all of which are currently hot research topics. MyLifeHub is designed as a multi-disciplinary effort to address these challenges in an application domain (namely ophthalmic care), which will impact on these individual areas through high quality papers and through other dissemination activities within the academic communities.

MyLifeHub will bring opportunities for maximising the yield of biomedical research expenditure. It will enable ophthalmologists to carry out reliable assessment of the QoL of eye patients, resulting in useful measures for the impact of eye diseases and for the effectiveness of treatments. In general terms, it can supply healthcare providers with more comprehensive patient information and grant medical professionals the access to a large set of patient information, allowing for information blending and knowledge discovery from the data with extreme heterogeneity.


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This research project receives funding from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council.