The project will develop technologies to keep users well informed about their daily activities, diet, sleep, mood, blood pressure, pulse, etc., enhancing self-awareness in health and encouraging positive attitudes towards lifestyles. Data sharing among different users will also be enabled to allow for experience exchange and to build healthcare social-networks among users.

Especially, MyLifeHub will feature new techniques enabling simultaneously and long-term quantifying the functional impairment related to vision, allowing for a constant monitoring of the behaviors of people's vision.

MyLifeHub will be utilized as a platform to assess the impact of visual impairment on the QoL of ophthalmic patients both in general health terms and in vision specific terms. The research will be conducted "in the wild" through direct exposure to potential beneficiaries. The outcome of MyLifeHub will be evaluated by the end users, allowing for the assessment and forecast of the transformational impact of the IoT technologies in real world terms.


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This research project receives funding from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council.