The potential beneficiaries of MyLifeHub are in 4 categories, including those from (1) ophthalmic care, (2) general healthcare, (3) the academic community for IoT research and (4) industry.

Visual impairment imposes a great social and economic burden on individuals and society. Visual impairment affects people at all ages especially the elderlies, causing significant problems in the increase of mortality, falls, and emotional distress, and many social problems unemployed and isolation. MyLifeHub is an attempt to build quality of life(QoL) profiles of individuals with increased reliability and validity by constantly monitoring their lifelogging data using the latest IoT technologies. The long-term collection of lifelogging data from a spectrum of IoT assets will offer a completed set of evidence for reliable QoL assessment in ophthalmic care.

From a more general perspective beyond ophthalmic care. A long-term lifestyle record of individuals offer a significant input for personalised medicine, allowing individualised risk prediction and treatment that leads to enhanced reliability and timeliness of medical decisions. Citizens/Patients receive great benefit by active involvement in self-healthcare. MyLifeHub keeps citizens informed about their daily activities and health, encouraging positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles.

MyLifeHub also contributes to general healthcare by bringing fundamental transform to healthcare. Healthcare and associated social welfare costs are increasing exponentially due to growing ageing population and prolonged life expectancy, and they will soon become unsustainable unless we change the way in which people are supported. In many cases, there is a need to shift medical care from institutions to the home environment.

From the academic perspective, IoT research under new settings equipped with newly developed ICT gadgets from a very wide variety of background, such as lifelogging devices, smart glasses and mHealth apps, etc. brings new opportunities in addressing new challenges within the area of IoT and its technology enablers (e.g. scalable data mining, visualization and security). In addition, MyLifeHub also supports to build an infrastructure to maximise the yield of biomedical research expenditure by supplying healthcare providers with more comprehensive patient information.

MyLifeHub also comes with great commercial potentials amid a growing public interest in self-monitoring for transformative healthcare, evidenced by strong market indications.


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This research project receives funding from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council.