AnSmart Ltd (ANS)

AnSmart Ltd is a research driven SME. It specializes in the development of intelligent solution using state-of-art technology in artificial intelligence, computer vision, image processing and machine learning. The company has dedicated a research and development team consisting of PhD experts who have substantial knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning and medical image analysis. AnSmart also has in-house expertise for software development. They follow software engineering principles, including software development lifecycle approaches, project management, version control, source code and document control. The company offers a variety of complete end-to-end intelligent mobile solutions to allow easy information access, data management, data analysis and visualization in mobile environment.

AnSmart is currently working on a social network service to facilitate research activities on webs. The social network service, which is named as “ResearchersLikeMe”, will follow a similar sprit as those currently available, such as PatientsLikeMe. The purpose is to promote interaction between researchers and to facilitate the exploration of common research interests. It will be based on text mining, semantic web and visual analytics. At a certain degree, this initiative bears a similar sprit to that of Dr Inventor.

The company also focuses on developing a mobile app that allows self-examination and tracking of eyeball and eyelid movement for the early detection of a variety of eye diseases and self-monitoring of the progress of eye treatment. The company also develops a software system that performs self-eye testing for children through intelligent games on sensor-based devices. The test results will be statistically analyzed and visualized through a mobile app, e.g. comparing with the previous history, national average, or even predicting the future trend.


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This research project receives funding from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council.